Is Online Gambling Legal In Michigan?

Michigan is perhaps one of the slightly more tolerant states in the USA when it comes to gambling, this is because of their land based operations. Michigan has casinos which are well regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. The age for gambling in Michigan is 18 for state lottery games, but 21 to get into any Casinos, unless they are Tribal Casinos at which the age can vary. But what about when it comes to legal gambling for residents in Michigan? While land based operations are well under control, is online gambling legal in the state of Michigan? There are rules to try and regulate, but the practice of online gambling is huge.

Legalities Of Online Gambling In Michigan

The answer to the forthright questions can go down many avenues, get u-turned, try another fork in the road and get back to the start without any clear indication of what really is going on. The fact that the Department of Justice has introduced legislation authorizing forms of internet gaming in their state, but the sale of lottery tickets online is about all that has actually been prohibited. That should pretty much leave the way clear for players who want to get online and gamble on sports or play casino games, because the federal laws which are in place like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the Wire Act want to regulate the gaming operations, not the players. Examples of this can be seen where the government has gone for big poker sites and have left the players alone. This is because it is far easier for them to regulate the businesses and not the millions of players across the country playing.

There are off shore sites that get visited by players, and online gamblers also like to go the intra-state route of placing bets outside of their resident state. The absence of actual legislation at state and federal level of actually outlawing players sat playing over the internet on their mobile devices, means that players do get online without too much fear of any law book being thrown at them. As with anything, if you are unsure about things like legal age, just check with the establishment (be it physical or online) that you are playing with to get any clear answers.

Is It Safe To Gamble Online In Michigan?

This is a huge gray area and because the federal government has yet to make any move about a formal decision to actually make online gambling legal across the entire United States, the confusion reigns because different states have their different rules and opinions. There is just nothing uniform anywhere and the gray areas created by this makes it generally safe to get online and play poker and get bets down on your favorite sports at sports betting sites that accept Michigan residents. There are always options open and no individual has been prosecuted for performing acts of online gambling. The targets, as mentioned, are the organizations running the shows and not the users who are participating at them. Even the stricter states, like Washington say that their legislation is to target higher gaming operations and not the players.

Best Gambling Sites That Welcome Players From Michigan

The more highly recommended the betting site is that you are doing your gambling or online casino games at, the safer you will be. This will help yourself to avoid any scams or major problems and it will also allow you to get deposit and payments done more easily, because there can be problems in that area because of higher regulations.

There are several sites which we prefer for specific reasons when it comes to online gambling. For sports betting, there is none better than Bovada however and BetOnline both offer some great value too. Online casino play from Lucky Red or WinPalace will be your best bet but most of the other casinos, particularly those by RTG, are all around great sites to gamble at. When playing poker, we'd definitely have to go with Bovada again because they have more players than anybody else right now. All of these sites are safe and you can even use Bovada for casino play too!

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